Thank you for your interest about YouBeSC sound. With a set of works for TV, Radio and Music. No matter which size your request is, we are prepared to collaborate.

  • youbesc-recording

    sound Recording

    We do any voice recordings (voice overs, dubbing, lead and back vocals), instrument recording and movie set recording (dialogues, noises). Also we do post production recording, if you need to refresh your content

  • production-icon2

    sound Production

    We do any sort of music production, from music arrangements, to orchestrations, soundtracks and jingles. Also we write lyrics and establish music concepts

  • youbesc-mixing

    sound Mixing

    We mix any works in any genres (Pop, Rock, EDM etc) in stereo and surround 5.1/7.1

  • youbesc-mastering

    sound Mastering

    We master any works for translatability on any devices, for any platform (iTunes, YouTube etc.) in stereo and surround 5.1/7.1